Do you have great products but don’t know how get people to buy from you? We help you get into your ideal buyers’ heads and help you to build trust. This copywriting service is for you if you need help guiding your ideal audience to purchase your core offers.  

You likely already have funnels for cold, warm, or hot leads. We help you with writing for these marketing funnels to get leads to your low-ticket, mid-ticket or high-ticket offers. 

These copy services include:

  • Funnel series for self-liquidating offers, webinar funnels, email funnels, list building funnels, application funnels
  • Single direct emails with a link to offers
  • Social media posts with calls to action
  • Teaser ads with links

There are three ways that we can work with you, done for you, done with you and consulting/coaching services. 

Together we can customize a plan that fits your needs for where you are in your business.

Done for you services: If you’re a busy entrepreneur and don’t have the time to implement the copywriting strategies we craft for you then this service is best. This means you don’t have the time to figure out AI writing tools like ChatGPT. 

Done with you services: This service is for business owners who want to work collaboratively, you have time to work on the content marketing strategies we build for you but you don’t want to do it alone.  We tell you what to do and you execute.

Consulting/Coaching services: We give you direction and you and your team implement the marketing and copywriting strategies we provide.