Tired of trying to keep up with the changes in marketing?

Even if technology or algorithms change the words you use to attract and retain clients remain the same. 

What do you need help with right now?

Hi I’m Shameka Volkers,

I help business owners looking to partner with a copywriter and digital marketing strategist.

If you’re an entrepreneur who knows the power of marketing. And need a partner to hone in on your marketing message to attract clients and fuel business growth. You’re in the right place.

I help guide you with the right steps to increase lead generation with blogs, email campaigns, and paid ads copy that convert to sales without being icky and slimy.

Our business started as a way to help business owners get visible on social media. We became obsessed with using digital marketing channels to grow and scale businesses. 

Today our services use copywriting to fuel business growth. And we are obsessed with using digital strategies to increase sales.

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Ready to take your marketing to the next level?


As a business owner you may have hired an agency to run your Facebook ads. But how do you know you’re ads are performing well and you’re not just wasting your money and your time? This guide outlines the 7 most important metrics you will want to pay attention to as a business owner whether you hired out your Facebook ads or you are running the ads for yourself.

Free guide to help you tell stories to sell better. Storytelling helps you to deeply connect with your audience

Guide with tools to automate content distribution and analytics to save you time

Fill up your social pages with content to increase engagement and boost your audience numbers

This Instagram Bio E-book Self-audit will help your ideal client find you more easily


I was looking for a way to monetize my email list, but to do so, I needed to create email messages advertising my affiliate partners. Creating sales emails is not my specialty, so I reached out to Shameka to have her write some emails for me. The emails were a complete 180 from what I had written in the past, meaning they were so much better. They told a story, hooked the reader, identified a problem that they might have and offered a solution. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shameka to anyone that needs a copywriter in the future. While yes anyone can write, not everyone can write copy that sells; Shameka is someone who can.

Mikaela Walker

Orlando Family Fun

Creating ads that get great click thru rates is a talent Shameka has mastered. She was able to create ads that spoke right to the pain points and generated ads that generated leads for my business

Kelly Sturtevant

Blue Page Social

...Shameka came in and met with me as many times as I needed and she kept pushing me to get to the bottom of who my ideal client is what words do they identify with, how do they show up looking for the services I provide. It was just such an amazing experience and I cannot recommend her enough for her services. She's kind and compassionate and caring and really makes sure that you have exactly what you need before she leaves the process…I highly recommend her.

Stephanie Jones

Structured & Co.